Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now in Sudan

Thanks to Lauren Stanley, I have learned about this important Newsweek article about Sudan. Read it! The article talks about the ill effects that do-gooder American efforts have in Sudan. It also speaks to the dangers that our next mission team may be facing.

In the world of serendipity, I also found Episcopal CafĂ©’s story about the distinction between charity and justice.

Those stories remind me of what we in the Diocese of Missouri are trying to do with our partners in the Diocese of Lui (in the Episcopal Church of Sudan). We are trying to do development work. Not just charity handouts. We are striving to support efforts that will provide long-term development. And we are doing it in a place where Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul spurns people like me and all the other generous gay/lesbian Christians in our diocese. And people like me continue to support the work of that diocese in Sudan. I support the Diocese of Lui. The Archbishop would call me an unrepentant sinner, while I call myself a Christian. So be it. I will do what the Gospel of Jesus Christ tells me to do. And he shall have his reward.