Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News from Lui ... and upcoming mission trip

I am grateful to Beth Felice and the Diocese of Missouri for this information.

There is worrisome news here about Bishop Bullen ... and a call to prayer for the next mission trip from the Diocese of Missouri to the Diocese of Lui (Sudan).

News from Lui Diocese and the upcoming mission trip, prayers requested

With preparation for the next mission trip to Lui which departs in a week, there is sad news about Bishop Bullen Dolli. This weekend Bishop Bullen was not feeling well and was unable to speak, although he was trying to communicate in other ways. There was no medical officer on duty at Lui Hospital. The diocesan staff took him to Juba for medical help. Bishop Bullen is currently resting at a relative's house in Munuki. Diocesan Secretary the Rev. Stephen Dokolo and the Rt. Rev. Bismark Monday, bishop of neighboring Mundri diocese ask us to join them with prayers for the bishop, his family, and the people of Lui diocese.

On Monday, November 1, the Missouri missioners will leave for Lui. Traveling are Rick Kuhn, Emily Bloemker, and Debbie Smith. This trip is about our partnerships and partners. Meeting for one day of preparation in Kampala and 9 days in Lui, teams from Blackmore Vale Deanery of Salisbury Diocese in the Church of England (Anne, Shirley, and Jeannie) and Lund Diocese in the Church of Sweden (Marie and Göran) will join the Missourians.

We're going to track all missioner posts and news through one site at during this trip. One-stop shopping! So if you haven't yet visited, travel over. The site is set up that anyone in the public can read posts, but you have to register to add your own posts or comments.

Debbie Smith has outlined the rough itinerary and goals for this trip on her blog LuLuLui. Do you have questions for mission team members? Come join the community at LuiNetwork.