Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Broken Glasses (Thurs., 2 March)

This morning crawling out of bed before daylight, I slipped into my sandals, and was fumbling around for flashlight and eyeglasses. Unfortunately, I heard a dull crunch under my sandal, praying it was just an earring. But, no, it was my glasses. One of the eyepieces now sticks out at a jaunty angle that doesn’t really fit on my head anymore. I can’t really use my glasses now.

But it didn’t get me all bummed out. Instinctively and immediately, I was grateful I didn’t shatter a lens. The glasses are wearable, and I can get the frames fixed when I get home next week.

That’s just another of the many ways in which I’m realizing that I am lucky to be going home. My glasses got broken. But I can get them fixed next week. Unlike the people of Lui – who either don’t have glasses, or have no way to get them fixed.

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