Friday, July 14, 2006

Loki to Nairobi, Part II (Thurs., 2 March 2006)

While we were on the ground in Loki, this image really caught my fancy. All during our time in Lui, we had taken “baths” with the least-possible amount of water. Folks call them “cup-baths” because you measure out the water in cups, not gallons. While we were on the ground in Loki, darned if I didn’t see a couple of guys giving a “cup bath” to an airplane near us!

The fellow on the right is using a cup to toss water from the red bucket onto the plane, while the fellow on the left is scrubbing the plane.

This photo of the cockpit and Captain Matthew may give a sense of how small the plane was. Archdeacon Robert is clicking photos.

We were tired. Dog tired. Archdeacon Robert caught this image during our plane ride. Were folks sleeping? Praying? Meditating? I leave it to you to guess.

As we dodged the thunderstorm clouds flying into Nairobi, we saw a wonderful rainbow flying into Nairobi – just like Sandy’s group did two years ago. They took it then as a sign of hope for Sudan – a reminder of God’s covenant with the people of Lui – and we got excited in the same way. This photo from Archdeacon Robert captures the rainbow we saw from the plane.

Everyone of us, when we saw that rain and the rainbow, immediately thought of Lui and prayed this rain would move on north, to Lui. They need the rains so desperately!

The thunderheads were still overhead when we landed in Nairobi.

Manyagugu and Sandy were happy to land safely!

After so many days of heat and drought, we were delirious to touch down and feel chilly [the temperature was below 80F] and see the aftermath of a thunderstorm!

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