Saturday, November 28, 2009

Going to Lozoh!

When we first got here, it didn't look like we would be able to get to Lozoh. The road is grown over with grass, and won't be cleared for a few more weeks. But Debbie Smith spoke with Vasco Daniel and Darius Manyugu. Manyugug says he can find Lozoh, even through the grass. So, Deb and I will be able to get to Lozoh for Church tomorrow. So, Adventers, hold Lozoh in your prayers tomorrow at church. We will bring them your greetings and carry theirs back to you.


Bill_css said...

I'm sure there will be some good images from that! We will pass along the word.

bfelice said...


Lisa Fox said...

I'm glad it appears you'll be able to get there. I know the people of Lozoh will be happy to visit with their Advent partners again.
Prayers for your coming adventure!