Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We have word that the missioners have now all arrived safely in Kampala. Thanks be to God!

Tomorrow, the entire team will fly into Lui on a small, non-pressurized airplane ... probably similar to the one pictured here (from our 2006 mission).

Then they will land in what we have come to call the "Mundri International Airport." Don't schedule an appointment with your optometrist: You're right that it's merely a rough dirt landing strip. According to my notes, our missioners will leave Kampala at about 7:30 Thursday morming in Kampala (about now, 10:30pm, in Missouri). By the time we awake in Missouri, they should be on the ground in Lui.

If you are trying to follow their schedule, be aware that Lui is 9 hours later than St. Louis. So when it's 10pm in the Central timezone, it's 7am the next day in Lui. The posts here will appear with CDT "timestamps."

You may also want to know about the weather in Lui. Weather Underground has daily weather for Juba, in southern Sudan. Juba is about 50 miles northeast of Lui, so the weather for Juba will probably be pretty close to Lui's. We're running in the teens here, but they're going to see temperatures in the 90s in the next few days.

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