Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas

Since our team split up yesterday to four separate archdeaconries we didn't have the opportunity to wish you all a virtual Merry Christmas from Lui. So, Merry Christmas everyone! (they say Happy Christmas here)

We spent Christmas Eve at the compound singing Christmas carols (small hymn books compliments of Nancy) and attended the late night Christmas Eve service at the cathedral. The service actually started at midnight, which was new for all of us as we are used to having midnight mass at 10:30 or 11pm.

Yesterday Dan and Deb went to Wandi, Tammy and I went to Kediba, Robert and Nancy went to 'Buagyi, and Debbie and Emily went to Lui Parish.

Every trip was full of festivities highlighted by grand celebrations in and around the churches. In Kediba there were an estimated 3750 people gathered to celebrate Christmas and to greet us as their guest. All of our groups reported large numbers and lengthy celebrations (every service was over 3 hours). Everyone was pretty tired when we gathered back at the guest compound for dinner. It was delightful to greet each other in exhaustion and wonderful to all get a peaceful night of sleep.

Today we attended the ordination of three deacons and six priests. The service was much longer than any of us have ever experienced. It was exhausting. We were hot, hungry, and a little worn out by the time Bishop Bullen stood up to introduce more government officials, distinguish guests, and Bishop Bismark from the Diocese of Mundri, all of whom gave speeches. In the end it lasted four hours, so next time you complain about church being too long just think of the Lui ordinations.

Believe it or not five of us in the group only have two full days left here in Lui. So tomorrow, many of us are wrapping up things from our projects and Sunday we will celebrate together in church for the last time as a team on this trip.



/Susan said...

Happy Christmas to all! Here's hoping you get a light duty day to rest up a bit.
Best Wishes and Christmas prayers,

Marc Smith said...

A happy and blessed Christmas to all!