Friday, December 19, 2008

In Lui

We are here in Lui!

The team arrived yesterday afternoon from Uganda and were welcomed with great hospitality. The flight to Mundri "International" Airstrip on the Cessna Caravan was delightful, as Laura, our pilot from Missionary Air Fellowship couldn't have been better.

We were greeted with open arms from Bishop Bullen and Vasco, the diocesan secretary, along with many other people that turned a small airfield in South Sudan into a big welcoming party.

We were taken to Mundri to meet with the West Mundri County Commissioner, along with his staff, and had a quick look at some of the recent improvements in Mundri. Most notably were the bridge, cellphone tower, bank, two gas stations, and the new Mundri Diocesan office building that will be dedicated in a ceremony tomorrow led by Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul.

We were introduced to many clergy and leaders in Mundri, as we happened to arrive during the Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, where Bishop Bismark happily welcomed us and made us feel at home.

The road from Mundri to Lui has also been improved. It only took us twenty minutes to travel, where in years past it would have taken much longer. It was smooth and speedy.

Once we arrived in Lui we were welcomed with singing under the mango tree. A perfect end to our long and arduous travels.

Our accommodations are amazing. The Cathedral compound guest quarters offer each one of us a nice space to spread out our things and find comfort. The meals have been wonderful, and the coffee is incredible!

More updates to come for sure, including pictures and voices from other missioners.

It's good to be home in Lui.


Anonymous said...

Great news!!!! Keep sharing!

Amy :)

Mike said...

As I was making coffee this morning I was imagining you drinking Moru coffee (imagine what Guinness is to beer and that's what Moru coffee is to American coffee) and wishing I was there with you.

On a more serious note, as you look at partnership opportunities, think about if any school-to-school partnerships might be feasible.

Soak it all in. Can't wait to hear about it all -- and see the video -- when you get back.


--eg said...

I'm glad to hear that you have arrived safely! The coffee sounds great!

Beth Simpson said...

Ah, yes...the coffee! Thanks for all the good news, as well as reviews of the local cuisine. I, too, am looking forward to seeing the video at Calvary and to feeling more connected with the people of Lui.

ann said...

You are in my prayers, and it is wonderful to be able to keep up with what is going on. Ann

Anonymous said...

God bless your mission trip to Lui. Please know my prayers go with you. I pray for a peaceful journey for you and success in all your endeavors. Looking forward to the blog and following you through Sudan.
peace and blessing,
Pam Strobel+
Christ Church Greenwich, CT

Anonymous said...

Message for Joe from friends!

Hi Joe, Day gave us a sermon tonight but I couldn't understand a word. He was a lot of fun tonight. We miss you and hope that you haven't seen any snakes over there. Come back soon.


It's just not the same without you here at your own house. It's much quieter...especially now that Day went to bed. It sounds like you're having a great trip so far. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about it. Merry Christmas! Miss you.
Amy Co.

Hi Joe. Joe here. I wore your IM cap today. I was tempted to keep it but you'll probably need it when you get back to CoMo. It is cold here... Do you find yourself singing "Louie Louie???" You should teach some folks there that song. Have fun and enjoy the warm weather!

joe co

Hey Joe,

I hope you're having a great time and a wonderful adventure. We're looking forward to having Day spend the night. He and I have already discussed the menu - mac n cheese and the special yellow mashed potatoes. Take care and be careful. We're all thinking of you! Nicole

Love you Joe! xoxo ACC

Deacon Dayna Jewson said...

How awesome about the coffee ... and I thought you'd miss Starbucks! Glad you all are doing well. It must take a while to become accustomed to the time change and climate. I spent time with Amy and Day -- and Day was not impressed with Santa :) Do you think it is because it's Advent? We love you, Joe! Mom xoxo

/Susan said...

Thanks for the wonderful posts!
News from St. Louis: Fr. Stephen passed his oral exam this morning, and has now fulfilled all of his graduation requirements.

Marc Smith said...

What wonderful news to hear of your safe journey and warm reception. Please know that you and our sisters and brothers in Lui are daily in our thoughts and prayers.


Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for the wonderful, newsy post. It's almost like "being there."

I am astonished to hear about the growth and development in Mundri. Cell tower? GAS STATIONS?? Wow!

And a decent road now between Mundri & Lui? Thanks be to God!!

You all are in my prayers ... and I'm trying to keep my envy out of those prayers. ;-)