Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lui Mission in May/June

The next team of missioners from the Diocese of Missouri will travel to the Diocese of Lui (Episcopal Church of Sudan) from May 16 to June 4.

The missioners are: Dr. Jim Heinrichs (St. Timothy’s), the Rev. Susan Naylor (Emmanuel/Webster Grove), Mary Seger (Christ Church Cathedral), and Debbie Smith (St. Timothy’s).

Mary Seger has special expertise in teaching reading and ESL. Jim Heinrichs has special expertise in infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. Susan Naylor is a deacon in the diocese and a parish nurse. Debbie Smith will serve again as mission trip coordinator for the diocese.

At the request of Lui’s Bishop Bullen, and understanding some adjustments will be made on the ground, the mission team is prepared to lead conferences on: (1) HIV/AIDS ; (2) pastors and contemporary society; and (3) adult education and English language for adults, addressing the literacy gap because of war.

It is expected that Susan Naylor and Jim Heinrichs will work in the Fraser Hospital in Lui and/or with those responsible for it as well as with HIV/AIDS education. Mary Seger and Debbie Smith will probably work with literacy programs.

You can read more about this trip at the Diocese of Missouri's website.

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