Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress: Way Stations

The last post from the States. I don't really see myself using the public computers in Detroit Metro or Amsterdam or... I've tried that and they're mostly junk and by the time you've figured out their quirks, the money's run out. So God willing the next time I post it will be from Kampala and/or Lui.

I passed the weight test, I hope. I'm going to repack and see what I can eliminate to get it down a little further. And drink only water and eat only dry bread until I've been weighed on the cargo scale. I feel like a prizefighter trying to make weight for a big fight.

I watched "Farrah's Story" last night relearning old lessons. Nothing is promised. In the end, money, beauty and fame can't protect you. It's not a problem if you have the money to fix it. There are some things all the money in the world can't fix. Her friends kept saying she was being so brave. People used to say that to me. I had a difficult time with that because I knew fear was driving me. She has had a much harder time than I had. (I'll let you in on a secret. Most cancer survivors keep a hierarchy of direness tucked away in their minds and almost unconsciously rank other people's disease. Usually we only talk about it amongst ourselves) Why would I watch something like that the night before I leave for Sudan? Periodically I need to be reminded how truly and deeply blessed I have been, to celebrate the fact that I'm alive, to know that for whatever mysterious reasons of God's own, God has kept me here.

Voy con Dios.


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