Sunday, May 17, 2009

Safe Arrival in Kampala

Debbie Smith e-mailed me at 2:30 p.m. (CDT) that she, Jim Hinrichs, and Mary Seager have arrived safely in Kampala. They left St. Louis yesterday, shortly after noontime. This is a vivid reminder of just how far a journey this is; it takes about 24 hours of plane rides and transfers to reach Kampala. Tomorrow, Susan Naylor will arrive in Kampala, then they’ll be heading on a MAF plane into Lui.

Debbie reports: “We're beat, going to say compline and go to bed. Keep the prayers going - we had the most uneventful trip ever.”

It’s now almost 11 p.m. in Kampala – 8 hours later than Missouri.

Now that we have restored telecommunications in Lui, look for our missioners to report here and at Debbie Smith’s LuLuLui.

Also remember that we are asking everyone to pray with/for our missioners at 7 a.m. (CDT) each day through the duration of the trip.

For those wanting a “refresher” on the purposes of this trip, see the story at the diocesan website.

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