Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress: Dancing to Wandi and Kediba

When Bishop Bullen said that we would be dancing to Wandi and Kediba, I should have been forewarned about our excursion to visit Wandi and to see the sorghum grinding mill in Kediba. It was like riding a mechanical bull ride in a Texas country and western bar for two hours. It was hot too. Jim, Debbie and I were accompanied by Stephen, Margaret, and Gordon, three of the pastors.

In Wandi we were greeted by a large group of children and women singing and dancing with branches. Then all of them shook our was very moving but by the end I had an inkling of politicians and celebrities greeting their fans. We moved into the payot where we had lunch with pastor and elders. Of course, we shook hands with every. The assistant chief was there also because the chief had gone to a chief's' meeting. It was fascinating because the roof of the payot had been recently replaced and it felt like being inside a beautiful basket. After the lunch of rice and chicken, we got back in the truck and went on to Kediba where we sat under a tree with the pastor and ate fresh mangos which Margaret peeled for us. It was a great treat because we had just missed the mango season in Lui. We walked over to see the grinding mill the Mothers' Union purchased through a UTO grant. (Now you know what happens to your "mite boxes.")

More later....we're(Debbie and Jim) off to Lui Market with Vasco. Somehow I couldn't organize the movies and dinner or even an iced tea. This is our treat instead. Tomorrow we continue with the second day of the youth conference. Debbie and I will preaching this Sunday; Jim on Pentecost at Lui Parish, the companion parish to his. Keep us in special preaching prayers.



Nancy said...

Mary -
I'm confident you will offer an uplifting message when you preach in Lui (that's an Ascension Day reference, in case you missed it). It's been fun visualizing you with all these special people. Please greet them warmly for Robert and for me. Where did you end up in the scheme of "room" assignments?
Thinking of you --

Lisa Fox said...

Oh, my! Mary, my poor butt remembers that trip back in 2006. I think it was bruised for a month. “Dancing” is a typical Moru understatement for that trip.

Thank you for sharing this account of your day. Please keep blogging as you can. I look here many times a day for news of your travel, conversations, and work.

Deep thanks for all you are doing with the people in Lui diocese.

jashbaug said...

Awesome to hear of your events and meeting so many new people...very cool.

Please remember whatever you share in your message someone will be listening and realize, "that's just what I needed to hear."

You are going to do great!!!