Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I was intrigued by the way the Moru people collect honey to satisfy their prodigious sweet tooth. And by the way, their honey is marvelous! It was one of my favorite treats on the trip.

I did not have a chance to observe their bee-keeping practices. Others in our group encountered the bee-keepers on one of the days when I stayed in Lui. But I’m fortunate to have their stories and photographs, and I hope maybe one of our other missioners might provide some more details in the "Comments" section.

On one of the first days out of Lui, our team encountered some beekeepers. Here they are with one of their beehives. They weave them themselves, out of the grasses that grow nearby.

As we rode along the roads of Lui, we would see these things up in the trees. They baffled me at first. But then one of our team members explained to me this was one of their beehives, up in the branches of a tree.

Here – during one of our village visits – is one of their grain storage bins. Under the bin, you can see one of the beehives stored.
And you can see how they have stashed a beehive up beside a grain storage bin. Deborah is in the foreground.

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