Thursday, April 20, 2006

March 1 – Tukal Life Redux

I’m not sure why we got more reflective and photographic on Wednesday. No, that’s not true. I think I do know why we did that. I think it’s because we knew we were going to be leaving Lui the next day. And so we wanted to capture the experience, the perceptions, the odd little moments. We captured strange little odds and ends.

Because the lack of a vehicle made Wednesday odd, we had more time to pay attention to our village life.

Sandy and Deborah got some relaxing time.

This is the “VIP Tukal,” where Archdeacon Robert stayed. I understand it's also the tukal where our Bishop stays when he goes to Lui. Probably that's because it’s the largest tukal. But, ironically, it’s also the tukal that’s closest to the latrines. So .. nobless oblige, I suppose.

I caught a shot of Deborah with Anna, the woman who had done the bulk of our cooking. Even when we tried to thank her, she was just too modest to stay with us for very long.


eternity said...

Are you all doing some mission work there ?

Lisa said...

Well .. DUH! That's what this whole blog is about: the companion relationship between the Episcopal Diocese of Missour (in the U.S.) and the Sudanese Episcopal Diocese of Lui. Go to the home page, and start at the bottom of the March 2006 archive, if you want some background.

So, Eternity, do you have a connection with Lui??