Monday, April 10, 2006

Break from the Blog

After what feels like days and nights devoted to writing here, I've been "off the blog" for a while now. My home parish scheduled me to do a program for our parish, in which I could share my experiences of Lui. We made it a soup supper and program to follow our last Lenten evening prayer service. The program was Thursday, April 6. I was incredibly gratified that our parish -- with an average Sunday attendance of about 140 -- had about 50 people show up on a Thursday night for the program on Lui.

From the very beginning of this experience, when the Diocese asked me to go to Lui and I began talking with folks in my parish about that opportunity, I have felt an intense level of support from my parish. I continue to be moved beyond words at their support of the relationship with Lui, and support of me. That support was abundantly clear on Thursday night. They were delightfully and patiently interested as I went on and on and on and on and on about the experience. (Those of you who know me will understand that I am not "disabled" when it comes to the ability to go on and on and on and on ....) Thank you, Grace friends; you're the best!

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