Monday, April 03, 2006

Fiscal Accountability

In each of the archdeaconry meetings, Archdeacon Robert explained the terms of the covenant relationship between our diocese and Lui. In one of these sessions, it occurred to me: one of the promises is that we will send them a complete financial statement of our diocese’s spending. We will show them how we spend all of our money. How we spend all of our money! I’ve sat in diocesan conventions in which we approved our budget and it made perfect sense to me. But sitting there in Wandi, I suddenly wondered: How will our budget look to them? We fund our staff, our utilities, our convention, so many things that we accept as crucial to our infrastructure. But … how will our budget look when it’s being reviewed by people who are starving to death?? I fear it will look very self-indulgent. Are we about feeding the infrastructure? or are we really about mission??

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