Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rick & the Woodworker

Lui has a carpenter. There are no WalMarts or Lowes or Ikeas in Lui. If you need something built, you must have it built it Lui. If I understand correctly, this is the shop of the one and only carpenter in Lui.

Our builder and carpenter, Rick, got the chance to visit with him. I hope Rick will “chime in” here with his observations.

Our Rick in front of the carpenter’s shop.

I'm sure Rick will not tell this himself, so I'll put it here in the blog until Rick sees it and makes me remove it. I think Rick is probably a very big contractor in his urban area. And I think one reason he was invited on this trip is that the people of Lui wanted advice about building and construction. Rick would have been well justified in introducing himself as a big contractor. But that's not what he did. All over Lui, wherever he went and whomever he met, he simply introduced himself as "a carpenter." I was touched and inspired by his humility.

Rick, my brother, you were an inspiration to me!

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I like it! Good job. Go on.