Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog Corrective

A friend who has read the blog has given me some feedback intended to be helpful. She asked me to write more about what I was seeing, hearing, tasting, touching – that is, to talk more about the externals, whereas I have (I think) been talking more about the internals and the “meanings” of things. I was grateful for the feedback. I think I’ve been consciously avoiding the “travelogue” perspective, and she made the point that the many folks who will never visit this part of the world want me and the other travelers to be their eyes, hands, and ears in this blog. Point well taken. I’ll try to be more mindful of that need.

And let me make an appeal to those of you reading the blog. I know that there are lots of folks in my home parish and some of my family and friends who have not been “into” blogs as I have been. So … for you “blog newbies,” let me make an appeal now that I’m “perpetrating” a blog for the first time: Please, please add comments if you read something here that you like, or if something here triggers a question or thought or idea or whatever! Just click on the “Comment” button at the bottom of each entry, and that will take you to a page where you can key-in whatever you want to say. In this, my first experience of writing on a blog, I’m finding it difficult to write “into a void.” We’re trying to be helpful (especially to future travelers) and informative (to all our friends and supporters), and it would be really helpful if you’d add a note when you visit here.

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