Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sunday services – Festival!

Turn up the volume and listen to this music while you read this blogpost. This is some music I recorded during the Cathedral service on this Sunday.

The second service (the “English” service) had a good attendance. But the third service was the big one of the day.

The cathedral was full to overflowing. This was the moment where it also became clear they had prepared special greetings for these “honored guests.”

One highlight of the service was when a group of their young people came singing and dancing down the center aisle. The intensity of their singing was overwhelming to me. I think this was the moment when I became overwhelmed by the intensity of their faith.

For our trip, the Diocese purchased an digital audio recorder, and I was made “Sound Technician.” Previous missioners to Lui had returned with photographs and stories, but they all said that the “missing element” was the music. There’s an intensity and “primal-ness” to it that you just cannot describe. I was glad to be able to record much of this music, which we’ve now handed over to the Diocese in hopes that they can distribute it more widely.

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