Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here's a funny one (or what I hope will be a funny one) for you Episcopalians.

When we were sitting around the compound last Tuesday night -- Shrove Tuesday -- we became aware of the day. Mind you, Lui is very, very low-church! They do not observe or remark upon Ash Wednesday -- It's not on their radar. But as these Missouri Episcopalians sat and visited on this night, Deborah made a comment out of the blue. Deborah -- who has been living with the Moru in Lui for 3 months as a missioner, with 3 months yet to go. Deborah -- who has lived with them, and among them for all this time. Deborah -- who has not experienced electricity or running water for 3 months so far. She got a look of deep introspection and finally said, "I think I'll give up electricity for Lent." Mind you, she has had no electricity and no running water and no creature comforts for 3 months! To us, it was really funny!! Electricity isn't even on the radar screen for the folks in Lui! But maybe you just had to be there, sitting under the equatorial stars, for this to be funny.

I expect some of you have been reading Deborah's blog "ADVENTure Sudan: Sarah Laughed." And you may not yet have seen her. So here's a photo of Deborah in the door to her tukal.

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Mike said...

Great stuff, Lisa. Keep it coming (with pictures!). How about everyone else?