Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome! ...and about this site.

We finally have enough on this site to "go public" -- which is very exciting!

This site contains reflections from the folks from the Diocese of Missouri who have just returned from Lui, Sudan -- Lisa Fox, Bob Towner, Robert Franken, Sandy Coburn and Rick Kuhn. So far, Lisa and Bob have posted.

If you're not familiar with blogs, the nature of the beast is that the most recent posts show up first -- so when you're first reading one it's helpful to scroll to the bottom and read up. This will be especially truth with Bob's reflections ... which I posted in order (which means you need to scroll down to No. 1 and work up to 2 and 3) because there are more to come!

You can leave your own input and carry on a conversation with them (and anyone else who is reading) through clicking on "comments" at the end of each post.

If you have any questions or trouble with the blog, just email me at MKinman at gmail (dot) com and I'll be happy to help.

Oh... and send this link to your friends and fellow parishioners. It's a great way for those who traveled in our name (and Christ's!) to spread the story. And keep checking back ... more reflections (and pictures and music!) will be coming soon.

Christ's peace,

Mike Kinman, c0-chair, Companion Diocese Commission

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