Friday, March 24, 2006

Deborah’s Gratitude

I should have conveyed this much earlier. When our group arrived in Lui and Deborah saw all the goodies we brought, she was amazed. She had told some people that many, many people in Lui needed Walmart-style reading glasses. Well, someone(s?) in the Diocese of Missouri went out and bought over 100 pair of glasses, which we transported with us. And she had expressed the clergy’s desire for clergy shirts, and we had bought something like a dozen. And she had told of the need for fabric, and fabric we brought. She was just about overwhelmed. She told many people, including many Moru friends, “I declare! If I had told them we needed ice cubes, they would have found a way to get them here!!”

Of course, all it did for me was to make me want to begin collecting more things to send to Lui. We just need a great WishList and a mechanism for getting things to them.


Robyn said...

Lisa: I'd like to hear more about:
"We just need a great WishList and a mechanism for getting things to them." Could your group or someone from the diocese consider publishing recommendations for parishes who might want to support the Lui diocese as part of a mission project?

Lisa said...

Robyn, your question breaks my heart, for I wonder the same thing. Our diocese has established some bureaucracy so that everything needs to come thru them. I pray that they will soon develop a mechanism for us to send gifts to Lui.