Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunday Walk-About in Lui (Sun, 26 Feb.)

Our man Rick was a walkin' talkin' plannin' conceivin' machine! He was always On The Job. Throughout our trip, he was forever talking with the Lui folks about what kind of structures would suit their needs and be long-lived. This is just one of the hundreds of photos we could have captured where Rick was working with Peter or other folks in Lui. I caught him here with Peter, and Sandy (at left) is taking their photo.

The kitchen they now have (adjacent to the Guest Compound) is not large enough for their needs, and it has no storage. This is the new kitchen structure they are building. Pictured here are Sandy, Lisa, & Deborah.

This is Morris’s bookshop. In it, he has many copies of the Moru Bible and the Moru prayer book, as well as a library he is building.

Here, Deborah is showing us the structure that the Mother’s Union is converting into a new sewing center.

This is the present sewing center. Deborah is showing Sandy how the women operate the treadle machines they have received.

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