Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vision of Lui

By Rick Kuhn

From Bishop Bullen Doli down thru his administration, the vision of the people of the Diocese of Lui is “To Build For The Future” They want to build for longer than five years, they want some sort of permanence. Now that their civil war is over they can see a future and they want their buildings to last longer than thatch roofs and mud huts, called tukels. They are tired of always going back to rebuild and redo existing structures. They want to move forward and not have to go back all the time.

Maurice is the on site engineer for Samaritan’s Purse and currently overseeing the construction of three new hospital wards, one for TB, one for leprosy and one for women’s illnesses. These buildings are all made from concrete, cinder block and metal roofs. Maurice has agreed to share blueprints he designed for the nurse’s building constructed last year.

My goal and hope is to coordinate with Samaritan’s Purse to have the blueprints ready for Bishop Smith to bring back to St. Louis when he returns after his trip in April. With these designs and styles I hope to work with professionals here to adapt/modify the plans to suit the future needs and visions of the Diocese of Lui.


Jodie Allen said...

We love you dad! Your vision is amazing and we're so happy that God was able to use your talents to help that small community. With God's help, you all will be able to accomplish greatness. Love Jodie, Chris and Bailey

Lisa said...

Great to hear your voice added to the blog, Rick! You were such a blessing to all of us on the trip.

Jodie, the book you made for him to take was just breathtaking.

Lisa said...

By the way, I get the photo credit for taking this one of Rick. (It's one of my favorites from the trip.) Rick didn't even want his picture taken that day, but I could not resist taking the picture of the U.S. carpenter with the Lui carpenter's "shingle."